Friday, March 25, 2011


Children are colour blind.......
....Chan Lai Teng, Chan Lai Mun, Shaffiq and Yasswind......playing and staying in the nursery together....oooh..Niswah has gone home..

Rajeswari, Qays, Aisyah and Danial....smiling together....

Dhivashini,Gautham,Zaim,Mikail,Afiqah and Sarubini....they can floak together....
....they stand together....

...singing together...'' di sini..di sini..kita berkumpul..."

and.....they can sit together...
......they are the young generation of 1 Malaysia....

Every Friday is a Traditional Day
The children will wear whatever collection of traditional costumes they have in their closet. Malaysia Traditional costumes comprises a diversity of few races, ethnics and communities in this country. We Malaysian are very fortunate to have a legacy of tradisional costumes that we can be proud of and also share among us.

We have the Baju Melayu cekak musang matched with a hand woven songket sarung and a headgear named songkok, worn by the Malay boys or Baju Kurung worn by the Malay girls.
Now, everyone can wear Baju Melayu or Baju Kurung and they are not restricted only for the Malay races.
Shaffiq,Nurin,Danial,Rafiqi and Fatma

Traditional Indian clothing for women are the sari, a long sheet of colorful cloth with patterns which is draped over a simple or fancy blouse.  Saris are graceful elegant clothing and very feminine. Little girls usually wear a long skirt and a short blouse or a 'pavada'. A pavada is a type of pants worn on regular basis.
The shalwar kameez is the most popular traditional dress which consists of loose trousers (the salwar) and topped by a long loose shirt ( kameez). It is aslo called as 'punjabi suit'. It is always worn with a scarf. Usually accessories are added including bangles, earing, nose ring or  flower garlands.

For men, traditional clothes are the 'dhoti', 'lungi' or 'kurta'. 

Eshalaini & Yasswind. Look how sweet they are.

Rupaniyah & Abel in traditional Indian attire

Uvashini,Chan Lai Mun,Chan Lai Teng,Abel,Syarwa & Niswah
We have the Cheongsam or Samfoo worn by the Chinese with a modern touch.
Aleyya & Gautam in Samfoo. A 'Chinese' couple...they're so cute.....

Gautam,Dhivashini,Afiqah,Aleyya,Sarubini,Tanuja & Vashnavi

Ezahan wearing baju melayu, Uvashini wearing a pavada, Alleya & Sarubini in Punjabi suit and Dhivashini wearing samfoo.
Danial,Jie Yie,Syarwa,Ezahan & Uvashini

Fareez,Davendra,Nani & Nina

One Malaysia traditional attire

Dharmessh,Sarubini,Dhivasini,Chan Lai Teng,Afiqah and Rajeswari. 

Our models for today. Thank you children.


Hari Merah Kuning ialah pada tiap-tiap hari Khamis sempena menghormati bendera negeri Selangor. Takkkk....ini ialah uniform sukan tadika ini.

Dari depan ke belakang, Niswah, Lai Teng, Haris, Lai Mun dan Fatma. Mari kita bergayut....

Si kembar Nina dan Nani. Wahhhh! seronoknya bergayut....dalam suka-suka masih ada malu-malu. Yang di depan tu Nani dan yang terselit tu Nina. Nampak tak tag nama pada Nina dan Nani? Bukan apa takut cikgu keliru......tapi sebab tengok mereka hari-hari dah boleh bezakan, yang mana satu Nina dan yang mana satu Nani. Kalau tengok dari depan Nani ada tahi lalat di atas bibir. Kalau tengok dari belakang pula Nani lebih tinggi dari Nina...kedua-duanya kalau tersenyum memang manis macam gula-gula. Mereka berdua ni pandai betul bermain hula-hoop, sambil berjalan, sambil melutut hula-hoopnya tetap berpusing...kat lutut pun boleh..
Masa kita sekolah-sekolah dulu pun pandai jugak main hula-hoop tapi sekarang pinggang dah kerasla..

Wah! Shaffiq anak Cikgu Mel memang suka berkawan dan kelakar orangnya. Setiap pagi dialah orang pertama yang ucap ' Good Morning Teacher Layli' walaupun cikgunya tak sampai pagar sekolah pun lagi. ' Good Morning Shaffiq'. Sebelahnya ialah Jay-Jay ( berasal dari Sabah...ehh...ehh..kenapa tak pakai baju sukan ni?) dan yang di belakang tu ialah Terry ( orang Sabah jugak bah..). Tengok Terry tu......dah basah baju berpeluh......Bila exercise keluar peluh barula badan kita sihat....

Makan time!!! Hari ni semua hadir ke kelas. Takla ramai....... sembilan orang sahaja.
Kalau nak tengok semuanya duduk diam-diam, masa makan ni lah....cikgupun boleh join makan sekali...sebab cikgupun lapar jugak....Nampak tak? kerusi cikgu besar sikit...sebab cikgunya besar sikit dan berat sikit dari murid-muridnya....hehehe...

Walaupun tak ramai, cikgu dibantu oleh Bibik Rokmi untuk menjaga mereka ketika bermain supaya dapat tumpukan perhatian bila mengajar salah seorang dari mereka ' one to one '. Kalau tidak susahlah nak tumpukan perhatian bila mengajar salah seorang dari mereka.....bukan apa kena jaga keselamatan. Taula...kalau budak-budak bermain...

Yang si comel Kamellya tu mesti nak duduk sebelah cikgu jugak-jugak....dah namanya pun budak, cikgu ikutkan saja....Apa yang penting.....Kerjasamaa.....

Ahmed Haris Sheikh's Birthday

Haris is giving kniks- knacks to his friends for his birthday on 15th. of January 2011 (correct me if I'm wrong). Line up boys and girls say Happy Birthday and Thank You to Haris.
I can see from his FB Haris is being adored by his family and relatives. That's a good enviroment for a child's bringing up. I can see that he is very helpful and has a very polite attitude when talking. Sometimes he says sorry to me for no reason.

Look how sweet they are during their recess....Kamellyya is having 'mee goreng' , Gautham and Mikail have finished their food but Haris doesn't want to eat today, may be he is full after drinking his strawberry flavoured milk. Kishore is still enjoying his chocolate twiggies.
Please wash your hands after eating boys and girls.....

Birthday Celebration

The happiest day in a child's life. We are happy to see them happy. Seeing the smiles on the cute and naive faces. Blowing candles on the cake....( sometimes we have to lid the candles several times just for the sake of satisfying their enthutiasm of embracing the moment....ha...ha..ha..).

......before you really notice, they will be grown-ups and whatever collection of memories you have for your children is always a welcome and the purest things in your life.

This is from 2010 photo album. Birthday celebration of Asyraaf, Rafiqi, Fatma and Fatihah.

Happy Birthday to Afikah & Syarwa....Happy Birthday to you.....

Happy Birthday & Thank you Aisyah...- Rajeswari
Aisyah giving goody packs for all her kindergarten friends.

Afiqah's and Syarwa's Birthday. Smile's your birthday...!

Alleyya volunteerly took part in 'blowing the candles' event.

Qays's cutting his big blue Tom & Jerry Birthday cake. Mikail, Syarwa, Adlina, Alleyya, Vaisnavi get really excited.

And the most important thing of all........ as parents', grandmothers' or grandfathers', aunties and uncles don't forget to remind, tell and show our children that there are still many unfortunate children outside there who never had the chance to celebrate their birthday......
....A slice of cake means everything to them......

Welcome to Hibiscus Educare

Moday 7th.February
Let me introduce you to Tadika Hibiscs Educare.

For the time being, this is the class of the 4 years old of Teacher Shamsiah. 

We can see Fareez, Erick, Xavier, Qays and Dharmessh taking a break after playing. The weather is good today...
The jolly girls of 1 Malaysia. Standing from the left is Dhivasini, Afiqah, Syarwa, Aisyah, Fatma, Lai Mun and Tanuja. They are in Butterfly class of 5 years old except for Dhivasini and Afiqah. Smile girls......peace......

Dhivasini and Tanuja both are very quiet.
Afiqah, Syarwa and Aisyah always cliks together and take care of each other. How sweet...
Lai Mun is quite moody today after a long holiday of Chinese New Year but she will be fine later.
Fatma and Lai Mun are friends since their are 4 years old.

Morning assembly at 8.30am in the morning. Facing us are the 4 years class. They are taught to make a straight line by putting their hands on their friends shoulder. Mikail doesn't cry anymore. Yes, he's a good boy now....sayang Mikail..

This is Jawi class for 6 years old. Facing us is Asyraaf, Adlina, Erick, ( tutup mulutnya Raziq, nanti masuk lalat!), Danial and Shaffiq. Raziq just joined us this he is keeping up with our method of teaching....
Teacher have homeworks for you...please don't forget to do your homeworks...!!

The little girl is Kamellya (4 years old) who insisted to follow me to the class....or else she will cry. It's okay, give her some time to mix around...she will be fine then.

Since, Danial and Asyraaf are good friends, I decided not to place them next to each other coz they'll have lots of story to tell about........ definately not to me. But both of them are very brilliant, polite and obidient boys. Keep up with the good attitude. Their parents should be proud of them.

Thursday, March 24, 2011



"To be effective, teachers must connect with and care for children with warmth, respect andtrust,"author of thesaid David Bergin, associate professor of educational psychology, and the author other article. "In addition, it is important for schools to make children feel secure and valued, which can liberate them to take on intellectual and social relations and ideas."
To help enhance student challenges and ideas the authors offer research-based tips for teachers and schools:


1. Increase warm, positive interactions with students

2. Be well prepared for class and hold high expectations

3. Be responsive to students' agendas by providing choices

4. Use reasoning rather than coercive discipline that damages relationships

5. Help students be kind, helpful and accepting of one another

6. Implement interventions for difficult relations with specific students


1. Provide a variety of extracurricular activities for students to join

2. Keep schools small

3Keep students with the same teachers and/or peers across years

4. Decrease transitions in and out of the classroom

5. Facilitate transitions to new schools or teachers

-Science Daily Report ( June 2009 )


Children are happy by nature. The people they come in contact with daily change their attitude. Friends, teachers, relatives, and especially television influence a child's behavior. Parents are responsible for their children's welfare as well as their attitude. Children will be happy if their environment is happy. Parents are responsible for keeping their children happy. Don't get discouraged. It can be easier than you think. Your child's happiness really depends on your attitude.

What Parent Should Do

1. Your children need you to be the boss, especially teenagers. Although they may act like they know everything, you know that they do not. Tell your children when they do wrong and correct them. Punish them if necessary. Do not let them be in charge

2. Be a parent, not a friend. Sometimes parents act like a child to get their child to like them. If you act like a child, you will be viewed as a child. Your children will not respect you. Your children need you to be a parent worse than they need you to be a friend

3. Never be mean. Children need parents to explain their actions. Do not give the reason "because I said so". Have a reason for your decisions. A happy child is one who understands why they can't do certain things. Always listen to your children. If you give a child attention when they want it they will be happy. Never ignore your child.

4. Love, discipline, and respect will make a child happier than any gift. If you live a child with these thing they will return the love and respect to you.

5. Teach them moral and religion dicipline so they can grow up to be humble and kind hearted.