Friday, March 25, 2011


Children are colour blind.......
....Chan Lai Teng, Chan Lai Mun, Shaffiq and Yasswind......playing and staying in the nursery together....oooh..Niswah has gone home..

Rajeswari, Qays, Aisyah and Danial....smiling together....

Dhivashini,Gautham,Zaim,Mikail,Afiqah and Sarubini....they can floak together....
....they stand together....

...singing together...'' di sini..di sini..kita berkumpul..."

and.....they can sit together...
......they are the young generation of 1 Malaysia....

Every Friday is a Traditional Day
The children will wear whatever collection of traditional costumes they have in their closet. Malaysia Traditional costumes comprises a diversity of few races, ethnics and communities in this country. We Malaysian are very fortunate to have a legacy of tradisional costumes that we can be proud of and also share among us.

We have the Baju Melayu cekak musang matched with a hand woven songket sarung and a headgear named songkok, worn by the Malay boys or Baju Kurung worn by the Malay girls.
Now, everyone can wear Baju Melayu or Baju Kurung and they are not restricted only for the Malay races.
Shaffiq,Nurin,Danial,Rafiqi and Fatma

Traditional Indian clothing for women are the sari, a long sheet of colorful cloth with patterns which is draped over a simple or fancy blouse.  Saris are graceful elegant clothing and very feminine. Little girls usually wear a long skirt and a short blouse or a 'pavada'. A pavada is a type of pants worn on regular basis.
The shalwar kameez is the most popular traditional dress which consists of loose trousers (the salwar) and topped by a long loose shirt ( kameez). It is aslo called as 'punjabi suit'. It is always worn with a scarf. Usually accessories are added including bangles, earing, nose ring or  flower garlands.

For men, traditional clothes are the 'dhoti', 'lungi' or 'kurta'. 

Eshalaini & Yasswind. Look how sweet they are.

Rupaniyah & Abel in traditional Indian attire

Uvashini,Chan Lai Mun,Chan Lai Teng,Abel,Syarwa & Niswah
We have the Cheongsam or Samfoo worn by the Chinese with a modern touch.
Aleyya & Gautam in Samfoo. A 'Chinese' couple...they're so cute.....

Gautam,Dhivashini,Afiqah,Aleyya,Sarubini,Tanuja & Vashnavi

Ezahan wearing baju melayu, Uvashini wearing a pavada, Alleya & Sarubini in Punjabi suit and Dhivashini wearing samfoo.
Danial,Jie Yie,Syarwa,Ezahan & Uvashini

Fareez,Davendra,Nani & Nina

One Malaysia traditional attire

Dharmessh,Sarubini,Dhivasini,Chan Lai Teng,Afiqah and Rajeswari. 

Our models for today. Thank you children.

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